What's all the fuss with Scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language suitable for children from the age of 8.  It’s very simple to use and it can lead to some very interesting projects.  Last year, I did a project with some 5th and 6th class pupils where they created a cartoon.  The learning involved was amazing: planning, storyboarding, storytelling, art, … Read moreWhat's all the fuss with Scratch?

6 Summer Updates about Interactive Whiteboards

This summer has been quiet enough in the world of Interactive Whiteboards.  However, there’s been a number of updates that have been sent to me.  As far as I know, these reports are true so if there’s anything that is wrong, please let me know as soon as possible and I’ll fix it. 1. Smartboard … Read more6 Summer Updates about Interactive Whiteboards

Guest Article:Conor Galvin:Re-imagined spaces for teaching & learning in these times

This article was edited especially for anseo.net. It encapsulates the words Conor imparted at the recent Second-Level Re-imaging learning conference. Conor Galvin is a  Lecturer and Researcher at UCD College of Human Sciences where he works on various education,  development practice, ICT ,and research training programmes. He speaks regularly at conferences and events (nationally and initernationally) on education … Read moreGuest Article:Conor Galvin:Re-imagined spaces for teaching & learning in these times

Keep On Track

It greatly frustrates me when I read newspapers talking about education.  I don’t take notice of the usual teacher-bashing. It only slightly irks me that primary and secondary schools seemed to be lumped together as one.  However, I get really annoyed when there are headline-grabbing stories about technology in education.  Either it’s that Irish teachers … Read moreKeep On Track

Scoilnet services now available at home to teachers

One of the criticisms that teachers had of Scoilnet’s services such as the World Map, the Britannica Encyclopaedia and the Irish Times Archive was that we could only access them at school. Furthermore, schools could only access these services if they had a decent Broadband connection from the NCTE. The good news is that the … Read moreScoilnet services now available at home to teachers

NCTE new filtering

The NCTE have changed their filtering for broadband connections.  This means that schools will now be able to access essential web sites such as YouTube and blogs.  This will be welcome news to teachers who have had to download good YouTube clips to USB keys before showing them to their class. The new filtering now … Read moreNCTE new filtering

Technical Support in Schools (Irish Style)

We all know that primary schools are underfunded. We all know that the government pays for about 60% of the actual costs of running primary schools through capitation and ancillary grants. We all know that parents have to make up the rest of the costs of schooling their children through cake sales and voluntary contributions. … Read moreTechnical Support in Schools (Irish Style)

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