What Vehicle will get us over the Bridge?

With the overwhelming majority of teachers voting to not cooperate with Droichead in its current format, I wonder how the Teaching Council are going to pick up the pieces and try again. I thought I’d use the following analogy to help them out. CEPP was the first incarnation from the Teaching Council. It took the form … Read more

Teaching Council Interview: Stephen Marken

We are giving our Teaching Council candidates a grilling for their upcoming election. Stephen Marken has kindly agreed to be interviewed and here are his answers. Stephen is running in the Leinster Region. Why do you want to be a rep for the Teaching Council? I’ve decided to run for the teaching council elections because … Read more

What did the Teaching Council ever do for us?

One of the questions that is often asked amongst teachers is what do the Teaching Council actually do? What exactly does our €90 (now €65) go towards? The Teaching Council has been spending much of the year talking to teachers about different initiatives such as CEPP and the new Professional Competence Document for Teachers. Today they released a … Read more

Anseo Radio Week 4

Week 4 of Rozz’s podcast for anseo. She speaks about that four letter word again, CEPP. She also speaks about the 2 billion euro the government have announced for school buildings, a newly appointed principal symposium in Wexford Education Centre and the rather naughty lack of teachers in the ICT in education supplement in Sunday Business Post.
[audio:http://anseo.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/anseo-radio-week-4.mp3|titles=anseo radio week 4]

Do we need Teaching Council 2.0?

It hasn’t been the best couple of months for the Teaching Council. Established six years ago “to promote teaching as a profession” and to “regulate standards” in teaching, the general perception amongst the teaching profession is that it hasn’t really achieved its aims. With the latest fiasco of errors in the latest election ballot forms, … Read more

Anseo Radio Week 3

This week Rozz speaks about the latest news with the Teaching Council and the fiasco of their election mix up and the potential downfall of CEPP. She also looks at ways of protecting your iPad and finally talks about how she broke her MacBook!

Podcast: Anseo Radio

Rozz takes over the podcasting on Anseo.net with her first full podcast. In her first episode, she discusses CEPP, the controversial new proposal from the Teaching Council that will flip the role of the principal to being the one who probates Newly Qualified Teachers. She also discusses the upcoming CESI conference.  Finally, she bigs up our new site, Mash.ie.  Have a listen now!

It's oh so quiet..New draft document on Inspectorate handing probation to Principals

Email I got an email today from the Teaching Council and I almost deleted it straightaway! I was glad I didn’t. Last year at the Irish Primary Principals Conference, Harold Hislop played panto bad guy with the principals. He told us that we would probate newly qualified teachers. We told him we wouldn’t. He told … Read more

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