Two Line Tuesday

I think I’ve finally found the greatest thing to show on a projected screen. It’s a Maths manipulative toolkit with almost every single virtual concrete object I can think of.

Media Focuses on Religion during Maths Week

There were a number of stories in the newspapers and media this week surrounding the question of religion in schools. This topic seems to be rearing its head more and more often. The last explosion of interest from the media were stories about children who had not been able to enrol in schools due to the religious beliefs … Read more

#DojochatEU – Developing a PLN

#DojochatEU is a Twitter hashtag for an event that happens every Wednesday from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Yesterday evening was the first opportunity I had to join in and I am hoping to be able to take part as often as I can as part of my ClassDojo ambassadorship. I thought it might be a good … Read more

Review: Prim-Ed-Maths Games Galore-reinforcing maths skills-CD-ROMs

Review: Prim-Ed-Maths Games Galore-reinforcing maths skills-CD-ROMs  The two CD-ROMs I am going to review are the Numbers and Operations and the Number Sense and Place Value ones available from Prim-Ed. The Numbers and Operations CD-ROM is made up of 10 different digital maths games that focus in on specific maths skills like counting up to … Read more

Maths Week Twitter Project 2011

This year Maths Week takes place in Ireland from 15th to 22nd October.  Already in its sixth year, the event has gained huge popularity.  This year, I’ve decided to try out a Twitter project for the week to help children to learn their times tables.  If you’re interested in joining in, all you need is … Read more

My take on the Maths Crisis

As with the Leaving Certificate results, the Junior Certificate’s showed that there is a worrying trend in maths results in this country.  Most of the focus is being centred on the estimation from the Teaching Council that over 30% of maths teachers hold no 3rd level qualifications in mathematics. However, just because a teacher has … Read more

Missing the Point about Maths

I don’t usually comment on second level education on  However, I’m fairly open about the fact that I think the Leaving Cert is a dreadful idea.  Like many others, I feel that the Leaving Cert is simply a memory exercise, where one has to – in the words of Daithí Ó’Mhurchú – regurgitate the … Read more

The Targetboard Project

In our May edition of, I wrote about how I thought one could use Google Apps to support a collaborative Mental Maths project using Targetboards.   I launched and tried to drum up as much support for the project as possible before we began on June 7th. Thanks to the support of mailing … Read more

Review: Problem-solving in Mathematics (Prim-Ed)

As a fan of facilitating higher-order thinking skills, I always get very worried when a textbook comes out with “Problem-solving” in the title. Problem-solving is one thinking skill that is misunderstood by many people. Although all teachers know that it’s really important, many don’t actually know what it means. I’ve often heard them described as … Read more

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