019. We need far more special classes to cater for all needs

When it comes to Special Education in Ireland, we have a very interesting system, full of the right intentions but with a complete lack of investment. The government will trot out figures that there are over 1,000 special classes for pupils with specific special needs that are integrated into primary schools. At first glance, this … Read more

#GE16 and Primary Education: Special Education

After the Celtic Tiger and the country went bankrupt, the government had to save money and make cuts to education. Because they have less of a voice, they cut from the most vulnerable people in our society. Over the last few years, they made cuts to children from EAL and Traveller backgrounds. They cut as much as … Read more

Lansdowne Road Agreement: Vote Yes or No?

I usually have strong convictions about issues affecting the education system but I am really not sure which way to vote in the Lansdowne Road Agreement so I thought I would take the two main advocates of either side of the debate and try and make it into a balanced guide. By the end of me … Read more

One School’s Plea to the NCSE

The new proposed NCSE model is likely to be sanctioned very soon. I wrote about my concerns last year, as did a number of others during the consultation. It appears that the NCSE either didn’t read any of the contributions or they have chosen to completely ignore them. In fact, it would be interesting to compare the … Read more

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