Teachers’ views on IWBs

In the first installment of my Interactive Whiteboard course, I spoke about how I gave an introduction to what interactive whiteboards were and how teachers can use them. Although IWBs, when used well, can be an excellent tool for teaching and learning, I dissected them and found that they don’t transform a teacher, they simply … Read more

Kilkenny IWB Course

As some of you might be aware, for the last few years I have been given summer courses on Interactive Whiteboards. Each year, I invite every company who sell IWBs to supply me with their demo boards and let me use them with the participants on the course. At the end of the course, I … Read more

Taking our name in vain

Reading the latest INTO magazine, Intouch, I was surprised to see that both the INTO and the College of Progressive Education have decided to use the title “Anseo” in two of their respective areas.  Firstly, the INTO LGB Teachers’ Group have decided to call their conference, “Anseo”, which is focusing on issues of inclusion in the staff room.  This conference costs €40.

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Press Release from Flúirse

Irish Education Company leads the way by inviting teachers to co-design their own training!

2nd June 2009 – An Irish Education company is delivering a welcome positive message for teachers this Summer. Despite a challenging year which saw teacher / student ratios continue to increase, combined with the imposition of an effective salary reduction for teachers with the Government pension levy, Flúirse Education Solutions announced an innovative new approach to teacher’s annual summer training programmes…they’ve invited teachers to assist in designing their own courses!

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