Review: MiTouch Interactive Touchscreen

The Interactive Whiteboard is dead! Long live the Interactive Touchscreen! This is what people who are selling the next generation of interactive devices would hope to be the case since the slowdown in the sales of Interactive Whiteboards in the last few years. After the craze of Interactive Whiteboards from around 2008 to 2011 in primary … Read more Review: MiTouch Interactive Touchscreen

Projectors need Service

It’s been about 3 years since projectors and Interactive Whiteboards exploded into Irish classrooms and almost 85% of them are now equipped with them. One of the more annoying things about technology is their relatively short life span. For example, laptops usually have a 3 to 5 year lifespan before they start slowing down. Unfortunately, projectors and Interactive Whiteboards are no different and an unattended projector can start losing its effectiveness after a couple of years.  I believe that next year will see a dramatic rise in projectors breaking down. Companies around Ireland are already starting to offer “packages” to maintain equipment. For example, our sponsors, Liosdoire Computers, are offering services for projectors and they’re even offering trade-ins for projectors that it’s too late to save.
In order to minimise expenses like this, it is recommended that projectors are cleared from dust every so often and that filters are cleaned. The video here shows how to clean the most common projector in Irish classrooms – the Sanyo PLC-XL50, which is attached to most Promethean Interactive Whiteboards.

Review: Starboard Link EZ system

The last year in Ireland has been reasonably quiet in the world of Interactive Whiteboards as most schools are now equipped with them thanks to some much needed government funding in 2010.  However, Hitachi have come up with an interesting new solution to the marketplace.  The Starboard Link EZ System is the first “eBeam-style” widget … Read more Review: Starboard Link EZ system

6 Summer Updates about Interactive Whiteboards

This summer has been quiet enough in the world of Interactive Whiteboards.  However, there’s been a number of updates that have been sent to me.  As far as I know, these reports are true so if there’s anything that is wrong, please let me know as soon as possible and I’ll fix it. 1. Smartboard … Read more 6 Summer Updates about Interactive Whiteboards

Projector Procurement now on

The NCTE have released the procurement procedures on short throw projectors. This spells an end to companies who were offering alternatives to the chosen six projectors on the list. The companies selected are: DCB, Dell, Image Supply Systems, Imex Instruments, Meritec and Promethean. The projectors are: 3M SCP716, EPSON EB-410We, NEC NP610S EDU, Sanyo WXE46, … Read more Projector Procurement now on

Press Release: Liosdoire

Perhaps in the excitement of Sunday’s game, Liosdoire have asked me to post up the following press release which can also be found on their web site: Kerry GAA have installed a 680 Smartboard in their headquarters in Austin Stack Park Tralee. They will use this for coaching teams and for presentations at meetings. … Read more Press Release: Liosdoire

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