LCD Interactive Screens in the Classroom

Interactive screens seem to be the latest classroom accessory to attempt to replace the Interactive Whiteboard. Basically, with the constant dropping of prices in big screen TVs, interactive touch screen are now at a similar price to IWBs. Our friends in Liosdoire are currently selling a VIVIDtouch’s 65″ interactive display for €3,500 and Mediascene are selling … Read more LCD Interactive Screens in the Classroom

Review: MiTouch Interactive Touchscreen

The Interactive Whiteboard is dead! Long live the Interactive Touchscreen! This is what people who are selling the next generation of interactive devices would hope to be the case since the slowdown in the sales of Interactive Whiteboards in the last few years. After the craze of Interactive Whiteboards from around 2008 to 2011 in primary … Read more Review: MiTouch Interactive Touchscreen

Interactive Whiteboard Review August 2010

Love them or hate them, Interactive Whiteboards are the number one resource on most Irish teachers’ wish lists for the classroom.  Since starting my reviews of them over three years ago, the market has become completely saturated with different makes and models all competing to be the number one board in Ireland. At a conservative … Read more Interactive Whiteboard Review August 2010

Interactive Whiteboard Irish Review March 2010

There are now 24 different interactive whiteboards available in Ireland being sold by lots of different companies.  It’s getting quite saturated out there.  Last time I did the review, I was pondering on the implications of Promethean’s new distributors Westcoast.  Prim-Ed were beginning to focus on two boards – the Genee Board and the Hitachi … Read more Interactive Whiteboard Irish Review March 2010

Interactive Whiteboard Review: November 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed the Interactive Whiteboards on the Irish market and there’s been a number of major changes. The biggest news for me was the big change in distribution of Promethean boards, which are no longer sold by Prim-Ed. There are now 18 completely different types of IWB on my review. … Read more Interactive Whiteboard Review: November 2009

Corrections from June IWB Review

My June review sparked a few emails from some companies and some of the information I put on the review was inaccurate.  Rather than waiting for the next review, (which won’t be until late summer), I’ll use this post as a kind of appendix.  If you’ve noticed something wrong with the review, let me know and I’ll pop it on this post.  I will also add it as a comment on the original post.

Read moreCorrections from June IWB Review

Interactive Whiteboard Review-May/June 2009 is proud to unleash its second review of Interactive Whiteboards in Ireland. Since the last review, there has been a number of new Interactive Whiteboards that have come into the market. The review is posted in PDF format and now contains two reviews: the first is based on 5 criteria, which includes software and value for money; the second is based simply on the board itself and the service you get from the company.

Read moreInteractive Whiteboard Review-May/June 2009

Interactive Whiteboard Review 2

It’s coming!  The latest Interactive Whiteboard review has over 45 types of Interactive Whiteboard available in Ireland reviewed and rated – and there’s some changes, including a new number one IWB.  The results of this survey will be published on 31st May at 9am.  Thanks to all the companies who updated me with their latest prices – in many cases,  it has helped its rating. (Main image has been taken from

Read moreInteractive Whiteboard Review 2

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