Tablet Review October 2014

Almost everyone is interested in buying sets of tablets for their schools these days. 2014 has been the year where they are starting the gain a lot of attention with primary schools. Like the world of Interactive Whiteboards a few years ago, there are a lot of choices out there so I’ve decided to take a … Read more Tablet Review October 2014

€150m for Smart Schools isn’t smart at all

I feel that I should reiterate that I have deep concerns about the €150m investment in “Smart Schools”, which I wrote about a couple of months ago (, as it’s just been published this week. My main problem is with the impression that our ICT infrastructure in our schools is even adequate.  There appears to … Read more €150m for Smart Schools isn’t smart at all

A committee to save ICT in schools

The Irish Independent featured an article about how Ireland is languishing near the bottom of league tables for computer usage. Everyone is pointing their finger at the government. So, a nice big committee full of Department of Education officials, a couple of quangos and the heads of Ireland’s major IT companies have got together to … Read more A committee to save ICT in schools

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