What are teachers for?

Michelle McBride writes about healthy eating in schools in her article called “It is not teachers who sneak chocolate in kids’ lunchboxes.” in the Independent on the 21st October 2015. I agree with her that not every new social concern can be foisted on to the teacher’s desk but there are some issues within her … Read more

Review & Competition: Science (Prim-Ed)

Science-a complementary resource to Primary Science-Prim-Ed  Science is made up of 6 photocopiable and lesson plan resource books for teachers. Each book maps to an age group so Book 1 is suitable for 5-6 year olds, according to the publishers. Though, the book you choose will depend on the level or your own children and … Read more

Review: The Wordsworth Learning System

It seems that we are over a hump in Irish education. Most of us are no longer asking whether technology should be used in education anymore, and instead, we are now asking how should we use technology in our classrooms to enhance children’s learning? Granted, it’s taken a long time for us to get here … Read more

Guest Article: The Gift of Dyslexia

Rita Treacy from Wordsworth Literacy Programme writes about how dyslexia paved the way for her career. Thanks to Rita for sharing her story. We will be reviewing the Wordworth Literacy Programme over the Easter holidays. When I was eighteen years of age and in my first year of third level education, I was informed that … Read more

Have we witnessed the death knell for primary education in Ireland?

The long awaited plan for Literacy and Numeracy was published by the Department of Education this week.  It was in reaction to Ireland’s slide in the latest PISA report, which saw Ireland drop down their league tables in both literacy and numeracy.  The newest Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, promised reform in our education system, … Read more

Review of the Emotions range:Flashcards&posters:Positive Press/Jenny Mosley

Review Emotions range:Flashcards&posters:Positive Press-Jenny Mosley This new product from Positive Press and Jenny Mosely consists of a set of bright picture cards and matching posters. They can be used as a way for children to talk about emotions and how people might look when they feel certain ways. The pictures not only show the facial … Read more

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