038. Reduce the number of stakeholders in primary education

Have you ever wondered what happens when the Department of Education has a meeting with all education partners? I always did and wondered what it would look like. When I was invited to represent a body regarding a new Department of Education initiative, I could see exactly why the education system is so messy. I … Read more 038. Reduce the number of stakeholders in primary education

080. Should We Collapse Droichead?

Droichead is the Teaching Council’s answer to inducting Newly Qualified Teachers, the year after they finish college. It is replacing the model where an inspector would visit an NQT twice in their year and assess whether they were effective enough to carry on being a teacher for the rest of their career. Droichead has had … Read more 080. Should We Collapse Droichead?

Droichead: The People have Spoken

Yesterday, the INTO revealed the results of the ballot regarding non-cooperation with the Droichead scheme. Despite all the obstacles put in the way from the CEC of the INTO and all the propaganda from the Teaching Council, 91% of INTO members have voted in favour of the ballot, which means that Droichead cannot happen in … Read more Droichead: The People have Spoken

What do Droichead, Irish Water and the Junior Cert Reform have in common?

In my opinion, the answer to the above question is the same. I know some people won’t agree with me, but I believe all three are a good idea in theory. Taking them in reverse: the Junior Cert is a ridiculously outdated examination that no longer has any purpose. It is simply a practice for … Read more What do Droichead, Irish Water and the Junior Cert Reform have in common?

Droichead: The Film Script

The story of Droichead has been worthy of a film. It’s got a cast of characters, a big problem to be resolved, some bad guys, good guys and everything in between. If Droichead was to become a film, here’s my attempt at a script. Some meeting room somewhere. Inspectors: We don’t want to probate newly … Read more Droichead: The Film Script

Do we need Teaching Council 2.0?

It hasn’t been the best couple of months for the Teaching Council. Established six years ago “to promote teaching as a profession” and to “regulate standards” in teaching, the general perception amongst the teaching profession is that it hasn’t really achieved its aims. With the latest fiasco of errors in the latest election ballot forms, … Read more Do we need Teaching Council 2.0?

Anseo Radio Week 3

This week Rozz speaks about the latest news with the Teaching Council and the fiasco of their election mix up and the potential downfall of CEPP. She also looks at ways of protecting your iPad and finally talks about how she broke her MacBook!

Podcast: Anseo Radio

Rozz takes over the podcasting on Anseo.net with her first full podcast. In her first episode, she discusses CEPP, the controversial new proposal from the Teaching Council that will flip the role of the principal to being the one who probates Newly Qualified Teachers. She also discusses the upcoming CESI conference.  Finally, she bigs up our new site, Mash.ie.  Have a listen now!

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