027. No tolerance for violence

Think back to your own primary school experience and ask yourself: do you ever remember your teacher being hit by a pupil? The likely answer is that it absolutely never happened. Now ask yourself if one of your colleagues was struck by a child in the last few years.  Violence (physical and verbal) towards adults … Read more

048. Abolish the Supplementary Panel

It’s very likely that this post will be liked by most principals and hated by teachers on temporary contracts and nobody else in the middle will care too much. The Supplementary Panel is a good idea in theory. If you work enough time in a school (or schools) whether that’s subbing or temporary positions, you … Read more

038. Reduce the number of stakeholders in primary education

Have you ever wondered what happens when the Department of Education has a meeting with all education partners? I always did and wondered what it would look like. When I was invited to represent a body regarding a new Department of Education initiative, I could see exactly why the education system is so messy. I … Read more

017. Remove all Union Involvement from Teaching Council

The Teaching Council is made up of several union representatives, which make decisions on teaching conditions. The union therefore becomes both the decision maker and gatekeeper of the Teaching Council, which makes little sense. The union needs to take on the role of a strong gatekeeper from the Teaching Council. Droichead was an example of … Read more

014. Rethink Croke Park Hours

When all the madness of the recession was on, it seems in order to try and satiate the howls of the public about how few hours the public sector worked, an hour a week was added to our schedules. These are known as Croke Park Hours. These hours are tokenistic at best. They do not … Read more

013. Simplify the salary scale

Getting paid as a teacher is a fairly complicated affair. There are up to 27 points on the pay scale and you start off on a different point of the payscale depending on different factors. To complicate things further, if you qualified after 2011, you are on a different payscale which is less than the … Read more

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