123. Set the same insurance rates for all schools

Many people wouldn’t realise that there is only one insurance company in Ireland that covers schools. It’s called Allianz. They used to be known as Church and General. This might explain why. However, in the post church-run world of school insurance, you might be surprised to learn that schools do not all pay the same … Read more123. Set the same insurance rates for all schools

113. Ban all voluntary contributions and donations

This idea comes with a big, bold but. The but is that the government need to start funding schools properly. There are quite a number of articles on this list already to demonstrate how this could easily happen. Once schools are given adequate funding to run themselves, there needs to be a ban on voluntary contributions and … Read more113. Ban all voluntary contributions and donations

102. Scrap Creative Ireland

The vision on the front of the Creative Ireland web site is wonderfully uncreative: The Creative Ireland Programme is guided by a vision that every person in Ireland will have the opportunity to realise their full creative potential. While I think it’s hugely important to support the arts in Ireland by whatever means, Creative Ireland definitely … Read more102. Scrap Creative Ireland

100. Centralise photocopying management

Whether we like it or not, the paperless classroom is a long way from reality, and arguably the most important piece of equipment in a school is the photocopier. It is so important that if you go to any Irish education conference, you’ll have nearly half a dozen “big” companies trying their nest to lure … Read more100. Centralise photocopying management

098. Ban competitions in schools from commercial entities

There are some things we know: schools are underfunded. Big companies know this too so they devise ways to make themselves look good by creating competitions for schools to enter so their brand can be exhibited in schools all over the country. Whether that’s collecting tokens or vouchers or designing logos or colouring in pictures … Read more098. Ban competitions in schools from commercial entities

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