011. Reboot the School Completion Programme

Recently, DEIS schools around Ireland woke up to a new dawn. The School Completion Programme, which aims to target children at risk of early school leaving, has been renamed thanks to a big rebrand from Tusla, who are now in charge of the programme. School Completion Programme will now be known as the Form Completion … Read more

123. Set the same insurance rates for all schools

Many people wouldn’t realise that there is only one insurance company in Ireland that covers schools. It’s called Allianz. They used to be known as Church and General. This might explain why. However, in the post church-run world of school insurance, you might be surprised to learn that schools do not all pay the same … Read more

118. Ensure all libraries are stocked with books that speak to all children

School libraries are interesting places. The vast majority of the books in them are donations from pupils’ attics. You’ll find all sorts of gems from all encyclopaedias which still recognise Yugoslavia as a country and the odd unacceptable Enid Blyton illustration. However, you’ll rarely find books that speak to anyone outside of the white, middle-class, … Read more

117. Increase the number of social workers

Just how bad do things have to get before Child Protection is taken seriously in Ireland? It seems no matter what scandal unfolds, we spend loads of money trying to find out what went wrong and creating new guidelines for people working with young people. Yes, it’s the usual story with Tusla. Their answer to … Read more

092. No priority to be given to native Irish speakers for enrollment in Gaelscoileanna.

With all the talk of equality of access to schools, one would have thought when the Admissions Bill was published that it wouldn’t create more division. However, not only did the Admissions’ Bill make enrollment based on religion more complicated and divisive, a sneaky little change came about to advantage “native” Irish speakers into getting … Read more

073. All schools to have Student Councils

Many primary schools already have Student Council established for quite a number of years but there are many schools that don’t. At a minimum, I suggest that all primary schools should have a Student Council.  A good Student Council should be the voice of the student body of the school, elected by the students for … Read more

046. All schools should have provision for hot lunches

Things haven’t changed much in terms of school lunches in primary schools for many years. There are two breaks in the day: 10 minutes and 30 minutes where children have the chance to both eat and play. This usually consists of stuffing whatever food one brings to school in a short amount of time as … Read more

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