039. Scrap Homework

Being honest, this idea isn’t really as controversial as it used to be. I remember about a decade ago, the then CEO of the IPPN, Seán Cottrell, suggested that primary schools should do this and there was absolute uproar. I imagine if Pauric Clerkin said it today, he’d be met with a lot of support.

Homework is one of those things that nobody likes and nobody wants to do but for some reason can’t face getting rid of it. All the research now shows that traditional homework is of no benefit to young children but opposition still persists. 

What about preparing children for secondary school? How will I know what the children are doing in school? What about reading? What about phonics?

Answers: We don’t prepare children for secondary school. We prepare them in spite of secondary school. You’ll know what your kids are doing in school by asking. Read with your child every day. It doesn’t matter what it is, read. What about phonics? Just read with your kid. 

Rather than simply scrapping homework, I do think there is a space for project work or some learning to happen at home. We can’t fit everything into the short amount of time we’re in school. I like the Flipped Classroom model very much and I think it is worth exploring this in more detail. However, to be honest, I’d be as happy to scrap it altogether.

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