Cad atá ar an teilifís?

This is the 7th PowerPoint presentation from Beadzee.  This one focuses on the question… cad atá ar an teilifís?  Well, according to my dad, there’s nothing on the television these days so it’ll be interesting to see what’s in this presentation! Download this PowerPoint now.

What's the Time?

Beadzee’s PowerPoint extravaganza continues with something for those who wish to tell the time.  There’s 7 slides in total with different questions.  The final slide shows a clock with labels of the numbers from 1 to 12.  Download the presentation now.

Cá bhfuil Batdog?

The second is Beadzee’s series of PowerPoint presentations asks you where is BatDog?  I wonder who BatDog is…he sounds like an interesting pet! Download Cá bhfuil BatDog.

Ar bhfaca tú PowerPoint ar an idirlíon?

A big thanks to “Beadzee”, a member of the excellent Education Posts Forum for sending on a set of 7 PowerPoint presentations to share with others.  The first in the series is based on the question: Ar bhfaca tú?  This presentation would be great for an IWB presentation and the images are excellent.  The next … Read more

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