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The Newsletter features my thoughts on the Irish Primary Education System.
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It’s been a reasonably quiet fortnight in the world of the media and primary education as it shifts its gaze to hyping up everyone involved in the Leaving Cert, (with this thoughtful exception), but all going to plan, we’re going to be hearing a lot more about school funding in the last few weeks of term.

I suppose it depends on who’s telling the news and how news is received. This can work out in a positive way, as we saw when the family who couldn’t get a place in a school last week had a breakthrough. However, the families that didn’t go to the media may still be left without a place. Similarly, last month a lobby group sent a press release about school funding and not a single journalist covered it. Last week, the CPSMA released exactly the same data, and it was everywhere.

We have a wonderful array of thoughtful and intelligent teachers talking about the education system in Ireland so it’s a little irksome when one of our only teachers in the media has to do so in secret. Furthermore, when the media believe the “most influential figure in Irish education” is a German statistician, and we move from Singapore to Estonia to find out how to do education, it can be easy to see the disillusionment creep in.

I guess it could be worse. Louisiana teachers might have to teach the Ten Commandments as fact and this British headteacher who has to double job as a caretaker to pay the bills. At least nothing like this would happen here. Oh, wait… 

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The Newsletter features my thoughts on the Irish Primary Education System.Read the full newsletter here It must be coming to the end of the

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