064. Caretakers should be paid directly by the DES

Caretakers are paid from an ancillary grant, which is given to all schools by the Department of Education each year based on the number of pupils enrolled in the school the previous year. This grant is also supposed to cover the wage of all ancillary staff including secretaries, etc. but, in general, it doesn’t cover … Read more

013. Simplify the salary scale

Getting paid as a teacher is a fairly complicated affair. There are up to 27 points on the pay scale and you start off on a different point of the payscale depending on different factors. To complicate things further, if you qualified after 2011, you are on a different payscale which is less than the … Read more

010. Guarantee Minor Works Funding

For some reason since the recession, the government have held back a guarantee of funding the Minor Works Grant, which basically allows schools to pay for repairs to their buildings. Recently, it seemed to expand to being given to fund technology purchases and repairs without any increase. In any case, this grant should simply be … Read more

003. Fund ICT properly, not as part of minor works

We’re well used to cuts in primary school. Over the last decade or so, funding to primary schools has been chopped at every angle, sometimes very obviously and sometimes in a kind of invisible way. The Minor Works Grant is paid to schools for minor repair work that needs to be done. This has been … Read more

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