016. Allow Teachers to use Social Media as They See Fit

Back in 2012, the Teaching Council released a final draft for consultation regarding out Professional Standards. At that time, I was extremely worried about a particular section: 3.3.7. which states that teachers should ensure that any communication with pupils/ students, colleagues, parents, school management and others is appropriate, including communication via electronic media, such as … Read more

057. DES should Provide Online Payslips

It’s a bit mad that well into the 21st century that we still get paper-based payslips. If the law states that we are entitled to a paper-based payslip, we need to change the law. All payslips need to be moved online where teachers can log into some sort of Teacher Portal and be able to … Read more

056. Try to become paper-free in terms of content

While a tad aspirational, it would be great to see how much paper-based content a school really needs. Obviously, subjects like Visual Arts couldn’t happen without paper but almost every other subject could limit itself a lot, certainly in terms of curriculum content. Is there really any need for textbooks at all when we can … Read more

069. Centre Broadband Hubs around Schools

Broadband provision in primary schools should be as good as the best provision in a local private dwelling or business. It would make sense for Broadband providers to start their high-speed broadband in hubs of the community, such as schools and expand from there. All parts of Ireland should be capable of receiving fibre speeds … Read more

015. Centralise and Standardise ICT

Try to find two primary schools in Ireland with exactly the same technology set up and you’d be hard pressed to do so. Every school has a mishmash of different operating systems, hardware and so on. This is generally to do with a policy failure which continues to this day.  The last time there was … Read more

003. Fund ICT properly, not as part of minor works

We’re well used to cuts in primary school. Over the last decade or so, funding to primary schools has been chopped at every angle, sometimes very obviously and sometimes in a kind of invisible way. The Minor Works Grant is paid to schools for minor repair work that needs to be done. This has been … Read more

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