Teaching Council Interview: Stephen Marken

We are giving our Teaching Council candidates a grilling for their upcoming election. Stephen Marken has kindly agreed to be interviewed and here are his answers. Stephen is running in the Leinster Region. Why do you want to be a rep for the Teaching Council? I’ve decided to run for the teaching council elections because … Read more

Teaching Council Interview: Gregor Kerr

The third person aiming to be a member of the Teaching Council, Gregor Kerr, agreed to go through our interview. Have a read through his answers to our tough questions. Why do you want to be a rep for the Teaching Council? The main reason I have decided to stand in this election is because I … Read more

Guest Contributor: Séamus O’Connor

The Teaching Council has been under huge pressure from its members who feel they are simply not being listened to. With concepts such as CEPP, Droichead and Cosán seemingly being steamrolled through and now with the news that teachers were falsely informed that they had to register to remain in the profession for a number of … Read more

Guest Post:Denis Conroy and the 6633 Ultra Marathon

I am Denis Conroy and I am  racing in a ultra marathon, starting 20th March. The race begins in Eagle Plains on Friday the 20th of March and will finish some 352 miles north on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. We will be crossing the Arctic Circle 23.5 miles into the race, crossing many mountains … Read more

Guest Contributor: Eilis McGrath

We are delighted to welcome Eilis McGrath from the AMBER centre in Trinity College as a contributor to Anseo.net to talk about NanoWOW, who is working with teachers in the field of nanoscience, one of the fastest emerging aspects of science. In this article, Eilis tells us how teachers can get involved in the project. … Read more

A Titanic Lesson

We are delighted to welcome a guest writer, Dawn Altnam, an American blogger who has an interest in education. In a timely post, Dawn outlines how teachers can use the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking as part of their lesson plans. Thanks Dawn for the great post! This lesson plan will also be available … Read more

Guest Article: Animation in the Classroom

Making Animation accessible to young people is a topic I have found fascinating and inspirational over the past eight years. Through a Course with the National Youth Association Ireland, and the support of the Schools completion programme, the craft of stop motion animation became a project that blossomed and evolved into a series of projects … Read more

Guest Article: The Gift of Dyslexia

Rita Treacy from Wordsworth Literacy Programme writes about how dyslexia paved the way for her career. Thanks to Rita for sharing her story. We will be reviewing the Wordworth Literacy Programme over the Easter holidays. When I was eighteen years of age and in my first year of third level education, I was informed that … Read more

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