Scoilnet services now available at home to teachers

One of the criticisms that teachers had of Scoilnet’s services such as the World Map, the Britannica Encyclopaedia and the Irish Times Archive was that we could only access them at school. Furthermore, schools could only access these services if they had a decent Broadband connection from the NCTE. The good news is that the … Read moreScoilnet services now available at home to teachers

NCTE new filtering

The NCTE have changed their filtering for broadband connections.  This means that schools will now be able to access essential web sites such as YouTube and blogs.  This will be welcome news to teachers who have had to download good YouTube clips to USB keys before showing them to their class. The new filtering now … Read moreNCTE new filtering

I object to Framework companies advertising in schools

I received an email from a company offering me a complete package to fulfil the NCTE’s procurement framework. The company are called IT Systems and they are a HP partner. This means that because HP were one of the chosen few companies that we are allowed to buy from under this restrictive scheme, we can … Read moreI object to Framework companies advertising in schools

Projector Procurement now on

The NCTE have released the procurement procedures on short throw projectors. This spells an end to companies who were offering alternatives to the chosen six projectors on the list. The companies selected are: DCB, Dell, Image Supply Systems, Imex Instruments, Meritec and Promethean. The projectors are: 3M SCP716, EPSON EB-410We, NEC NP610S EDU, Sanyo WXE46, … Read moreProjector Procurement now on

Feedback from NCTE Training of Primary Principals

Today I attended a seminar for primary school principals, which was given by the National Council for Technology in Education, (NCTE), in Kilkenny.  I was very interested in this seminar as I believed that I would be hearing all about the €150m grant that was recently announced.  Although this was indeed the case, the NCTE … Read moreFeedback from NCTE Training of Primary Principals

Schools are going to ignore NCTE advice

Following the announcement by the Department of Education that all schools will share a grant of €1,700 + €34 per pupil, I’ve been asking primary school teachers and principals how they are going to spend their money.  Well, to be honest, several primary school principals are asking me about how to spend their grant. These … Read moreSchools are going to ignore NCTE advice

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