Not a SMART move

SMART, the company behind the Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard announced that their software “SMART Learning Suite” which includes the only program teachers probably ever used “Smart Notebook” can no longer be sold or used with  other displays. While this probably isn’t going to affect that many Irish primary school teachers since we’ve moved way beyond Interactive Whiteboard software, … Read more

Teachers’ views on IWBs

In the first installment of my Interactive Whiteboard course, I spoke about how I gave an introduction to what interactive whiteboards were and how teachers can use them. Although IWBs, when used well, can be an excellent tool for teaching and learning, I dissected them and found that they don’t transform a teacher, they simply … Read more

IWBFAQ: Would anyone like to share their experiences of their IWB before I buy one?

A fair question was raised on the Education Posts Forum a few days ago.  This person wants to buy an interactive whiteboard.  She has read all the reviews on but wanted to hear from other teachers about their experiences about using their IWB in their school.  She continued to ask if they would recommend their IWB over another.

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I think I've invented a touch screen Promethean

I often wondered how Promethean pens required no power whatsoever to work. Most other solutions require you to stick an AA battery in them and you’ll get a year or so out of them before having to replace the batteries. Promethean pens will go on for ever and ever relatively. So I asked the head of development and he told me that there is a coil of copper wiring through the pen which reacts to the wiring inside the whiteboard. This got me thinking about a touch screen Promethean board.

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