Review: Problem-solving in Mathematics (Prim-Ed)

As a fan of facilitating higher-order thinking skills, I always get very worried when a textbook comes out with “Problem-solving” in the title. Problem-solving is one thinking skill that is misunderstood by many people. Although all teachers know that it’s really important, many don’t actually know what it means. I’ve often heard them described as … Read more

What's the Time?

Beadzee’s PowerPoint extravaganza continues with something for those who wish to tell the time.  There’s 7 slides in total with different questions.  The final slide shows a clock with labels of the numbers from 1 to 12.  Download the presentation now.

Classroom Signs 1

A selection of signs to brighten up your classroom. The first four in our series include: Library, Sand Pit, Science Area and Maths Area. I’ll create more for each subject soon but just wanted to see if these ones looked any good. Download classroom signs

Where can I find Easter Game suitable for Infants?

A free download from to celebrate Easter and to help Junior Infants in the Maths curriculum.  The Easter Bunny finds himself in different situations and children must use the correct language to describe where he is.  Please leave feedback by adding a comment to this article if you download it and use it.

Downloadable Junior Infants Maths Games

I have made some simple A4 number mats, using Clip-Art, that can be printed and laminated for use in class. I use them with playdough e.g. putting the correct amount of candles on a cake, spots on a butterfly or sausages in a frying pan. Counters or dry-wipe markers can also be used of course! … Read more

Where can I find Maths ideas?

Scoil Chaitriona Junior National School is a large junior primary school in Galway. During a PCSP maths training session, I spoke with one of its teachers who has developed a brilliant blog on all the Maths activities she has done with her class. The teacher has uploaded photographs of all the activities in action and … Read more

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