Review: Comprehension and Critical Thinking Digital Games:Prim-Ed

Review: Comprehension and Critical Thinking Digital Games:Prim-Ed

 You may have read my reviews on Prim-Ed’s Maths Games Galore and now we have the Language Games Galore to look at!

There are two Cds in this particular series, A and B with emphasis being laid on different aspects of the Language curriculum. They are designed to be used with ages 7-8 but similar to the maths galore CDs, the teacher in the support setting could use these easily to differentiate for any age child.

The CDs both come with a brilliant digital book which can be printed out, edited and used as a “real” language game in the classroom. So, there really is plenty value from these resources. The games are lots of fun and easy to play for any child in the class.

CD A focuses on comprehension and critical thinking with 10 different digital games. The skills CD A features are:

  • 10014CZidentifying the main idea and supporting details.
  • cause and effect relationships.
  • cloze activities.
  • analogies, idioms and similies.
  • sequencing events.
  • making inferences from texts.
  • distinguishing between fact and opinion.

Whereas, CD B focuses in on:

  • using contextual cues to determine meaning of words and phrases.
  • making inferences and drawing conclusions.
  • comparing and contrasting
  • and all of the above.

These CDs are covering some really important aspects of comprehension that children find difficult to take in. Again, like the other Games Galore CDs, I would love to see some aspect of assessment and progress being logged on the games for individual students but at their price, they are ultimately representing an excellent value for money!

Comprehension and Critical Thinking Digital Games:Prim-Ed are available from the Prim-Ed website. They cost €22.95 per CD but a school license can be purchased for €50.





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