Empathy and ClassDojo

ClassDojo are currently running a fantastic series on empathy and it got me thinking about how the Empathy and ClassDojo can be linked in the classroom. Empathy is one of the most important skills that a child needs to navigate the world. However, in is increasingly being reported that children are lacking in this very important … Read more

ClassDojo Cartoons

I discovered something new on the ClassDojo website today – a whole bunch of ClassDojo cartoons. The example below is the first episode in their second series and it focuses on a moral lesson about when the going gets tough. The cartoons are beautifully produced and the stories that I’ve watched are great. It’s well worth … Read more

#dojoChatEU: Learning from mistakes in the classroom

Every week, I delve through ClassDojo’s Twitter chat and answer the questions that were posed. This week, our own Ciara Brennan, (@primedteacher), was the moderator and the topic was all about learning from mistakes. As usual, here and the questions and my answers. Q1. Failure is the mother of success. Do you agree or disagree? … Read more

#dojoChatEU: Fostering Positive Relationships

Every week I answer the questions posed in ClassDojo’s weekly chat, #dojoChatEU. It happens every Wednesday from 8:30pm and it brings together teachers from around Europe. This week’s topic is fostering positive relationships. Q1. Which famous person would you like to be friends with? I know it’s probably a cliché to say that I’ve never really … Read more

#dojochatEU: Peer learning

Every week I take the questions from ClassDojo’s weekly chat on Twitter, #dojochatEU. This week’s topic was Peer Learning. Let’s go through the questions and if you can, tune into the Twitter chat every Wednesday from 8:30pm. Q1. What does peer learning mean to you? Simply put, I think it means learning through your classmates and teacher … Read more

#dojochatEU: Has technology a place in education?

Every week I respond to the ClassDojo #dojochatEU Twitter conversation, which happens every Wednesday evening. This week’s topic was “Has technology a place in education?” Here are the questions: Q1. Why do you think #edtech has a place in education? Education and technology must go hand in hand because the world and technology go hand in … Read more

ClassDojo and Principals

ClassDojo have just released a way for principals and other school leaders to get involved in their schools that are running ClassDojo. Principals can now set up “School Leader Accounts.” This allows them to see the general highlights of what is happening in the school. For example, they can see how many teachers in the … Read more

#DojoChatEU: New Year’s Resolutions

Every week, ClassDojo run a Twitter chat on a Wednesday evening. After a nice winter break, they were back this week with some new year’s resolutions. As usual, I try to answer the questions that are raised each week. Q1 What personal goals would you like to achieve in 2016? Prioritize them? This question hasn’t much … Read more

ClassDojo Comes to Ireland

For all you ClassDojo users out there, the people behind ClassDojo are coming to Dublin on the 16th January. They’ll be taking over the Long Hall bar in Dublin from 5pm and there’s going to be loads of goodies and fellow ClassDojo folk to meet. If you’re interested in going along, here is a link to … Read more

#dojoChatEU – Reimagine Learning

This week’s #dojoChatEU was titled Reimagine Learning, the theme of BETT 2016. The chat organised by ClassDojo was also attended by some other great classroom tools: GoNoodle and Kahoot. As usual here are my responses. Q1 What does Reimagine Learning mean to you? For me, this is an ever-evolving concept. The way we help children learn … Read more

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