#DojoChatEU – Collaborative Learning

Every week, I write a post based on ClassDojo’s regular Twitter chat on Wednesday evenings. This week the moderator was Nigel Lane (@NL_84) and the topic was Collaborative Learning. Q1. Tell us what collaborative learning means to you. Is it just a fancy word for group work? Simply put, collaborative learning means learning together, in my … Read more

#dojoChatEU: Breaking down the classroom wall

Every week I look at the ClassDojo chat and answer the various questions on the topic. This week’s chat was called Breaking down the classroom wall. It sounded like a great topic as it’s one of the main reasons why we need to be using technology in our classrooms. Q1. What is the best visit … Read more

#dojoChatEU – Global Issues and Topical Events

Every week I summarise the #classDojoEU conversation on Twitter with my own thoughts on the questions asked. This week the topic was Global Issues and Topical Events. There was an interesting mix of questions. Q1. How have you been using the Rugby World Cup to teach the different curricular areas? Geography and Maths have been the … Read more

#dojochatEU: Growth Mindset

Every week, I try to tune in to ClassDojo’s weekly chat on Twitter. I also like to summarise my own thoughts to the questions asked and this week it was the topic of Growth Mindset from Jenna Kleine, who works for ClassDojo. Q1 a. What does having a ‘growth mindset’ mean to you? b. To … Read more

#ClassDojoEU: Resilience

This week was the first time in ages that I was able to take part in the wonderful #dojoChatEU which takes places every Wednesday on Twitter. It’s run by ClassDojo and there are dozens of teachers across the world who take part in it. This week’s discussion was all about resilience, a huge topic in … Read more

#dojoChatEU: Future-Proofing our Learners

This week’s ClassDojo chat was called Future Proofing our Learners. As usual, I’ll be taking a look at the questions and giving my own opinions where I can. This week’s chat was led by a teacher who goes by the Twitter handle macfloss. Q1. The Scottish Curriculum states that all learners are entitled to develop … Read more

ClassDojo Chat: Work/Life Balance

Every week, ClassDojo have a chat on Twitter under the hashtag #dojochateu. The chat is on every Wednesday evening from 8:30pm for an hour and is usually led by a ClassDojo leader. This week it was led by Irish teacher, Ciara Brennan, who goes under the Twitter name @PrimedTeacher and the topic was work life balance. … Read more

5 Ways to use ClassDojo’s ClassStory

ClassDojo, everyone’s favourite behaviour tracker, has released a new feature for the start of the school year, ClassStory. Earlier this year, ClassDojo started to allow teachers to share their students’ behaviour records with the relevant child’s parents using an app and this new feature extends this sharing. ClassStory is like a private Facebook wall for your classroom, … Read more

ClassDojo releases ClassStory

As many teachers know, parents can log into their child’s ClassDojo account and see how they are getting on. This is a useful tool for both teachers and parents as it can be a good way of having the same message going home. ClassDojo also allows teachers to send messages home using a tool called … Read more

Groups Come to ClassDojo

ClassDojo are releasing a number of updates over the summer. For teachers in Ireland, the one that’s going to excite you the most is ClassDojo groups. Most primary school classrooms have a number of reward systems. There’s the individual rewards that ClassDojo has been taking care of nicely over the last few years. There are also whole … Read more

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