#DojoChatEU Transition Days

This week’s DojoChatEU was called Transition Days and focused on moving from one class to the next. In the UK, this seems to be a very structured affair, unlike over here where it is informal. In my school, for example, on the final day of the school year, children go to visit their new class. … Read more

#DojoChatEU – Technology in the Classroom

I managed to attend a second #DojoChatEU in a row last week, moderated by Ciara Brennan on the subject of Technology in the Classroom. Ciara asked several questions on the topic and I thought it might be a good idea to summarise my own feelings as well as other in the chat. You can read all … Read more

#DojochatEU – Developing a PLN

#DojochatEU is a Twitter hashtag for an event that happens every Wednesday from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Yesterday evening was the first opportunity I had to join in and I am hoping to be able to take part as often as I can as part of my ClassDojo ambassadorship. I thought it might be a good … Read more

A ClassDojo Shop

Lots of classrooms are using ClassDojo as a behaviour management tool and it’s great to see. I remember the days before ClassDojo, one of my favourite reward systems was a classroom management shop. All the children’s names were on a whiteboard and if they did something well or some other identified behaviour, they would receive a number … Read more

ClassDojo Ambassador

I have been aware of ClassDojo for a number of years and nominated the web site as the best free web tool in the Edublog awards for 2012.  I can’t exactly remember when I first came across it but I remember wondering how on earth it was free! It’s such an amazing tool for behaviour management … Read more

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