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Sometimes when browsing the web, you come across a gem of a web site. I don’t usually single people out on this web site, but I think I have found the most active class blog in the country. I don’t know Ms. Leydon personally but she is, according to the blog, a 3rd class teacher in Our Lady of Mercy Primary School Sligo. There is just so much information on this site it is difficult to know where to start. It’s probably best to have a look for yourself – so here’s the addres:

For those of you who are thinking of setting up a class blog or even a full school web site, you could get a lot of inspiration from here. The site uses the tool blogspot, which is owned by Google, but is generally blocked by NCTE’s filtering. However, you can get this unblocked, I’m sure. However, you can use WordPress through the Scoilnet blog system to make a web site just like this too. The thing I love most about Ms. Leydon’s site is how often it’s updated. It’s really fresh all the time.

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  1. I have to agree that Ms Leydon’s class blog is really excellent. I got lots of tips of her for setting up my own blog for an Animal Care PLC that is running in my own school. A blog is an excellent way for reinforcing schoolwork and linking school with home. Keep up the good work.

  2. Blogging has great potential in schools and should be encouraged. We’re having great results in St. Columba’s College with our numerous department blogs and find it a great way to bring the subject to life. Well Ms Leydon. You’re an inspiration to every teacher in the country.

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