Project 252

Enda Donlon is one of the best known educators in Ireland and has a strong interest in educational technology. He has been a member of the fantastic CESI committee for many years. This year, he is embarking on a year-long project designed to crowd-source a list of edtech tools in order to compile an A-Z directory, Project 252. … Read more Project 252

Féilte 2014

FÉILTE is Ireland’s way to celebrate World Teacher’s Day every year. Run by the Teaching Council, Féilte, which stands for the Festival of Education in Learning and Teaching Excellence, is a celebration of innovation in teaching. It is in its second year and its theme is “Talking about teaching: Tearing down the walls,” which if you’re … Read more Féilte 2014

Everything I know about Féilte

Féilte is a festival organised by the Teaching Council for World Teachers’ Day on 5th October. Here is everything I know about it today, 6 days before the event. FÉILTE is an acronym standing for the Festival of Education in Learning and Teaching Excellence. It’s being held in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in Dublin. Fintan … Read more Everything I know about Féilte

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