Is all well with the new well-being guidelines?

In the last week, primary schools all received their first paper-based document from the Department of Education, which probably means that the recession is officially over. Seriously, though, this booklet is a very important one and is called Well-being in primary schools. It notes all the things a primary school must do to ensure the … Read more Is all well with the new well-being guidelines?

The Demise of the iPad?

There was an interesting article in the Irish Independent regarding American schools’ adaption of technology. It appears that Chromebooks are being used in more schools than iPads. Chromebooks are laptops that run Google’s own operating system, Chrome, which is basically an Internet Browser and you require an Internet connection to get much use out of … Read more The Demise of the iPad?

Fís Film Project

For those of you who want to try film making in the classroom, you can’t go wrong with the Fís Film Project. Here is some information from the PDST Technology in Education about the project. The FÍS Film project encourages children to explore the medium of film in the primary classroom developing essential skills in … Read more Fís Film Project

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