Promethean's €800 solution is actually brilliant

A while back, Promethean introduced their most basic package of all. It costs €800 and you get a wireless slate and their excellent Activ Primary software. You also get a little hub, (much like the eBeam or Mimio), which sticks to your existing whiteboard. Now, although you cannot interact with the whiteboard directly, you can … Read morePromethean's €800 solution is actually brilliant

Two meetings with Promethean

I’ve had a fairly surreal couple of weeks since I published my findings about Interactive Whiteboards. Promethean Ireland emailed me to arrange a meeting. Apparently, my survey has had an effect in the company and they wished to discuss it with me. As I was curious, more than anything, I agreed and met the sales and marketing heads from the company.

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The first ever Irish Interactive Whiteboard survey

I gave a course on Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) this week and got hold of 5 different types of IWB. As part of the course, I got teachers to check out all the options without interfering salespeople then surveyed them on their experiences. It is clear that Promethean’s beauty has won it many fans. Smart also … Read moreThe first ever Irish Interactive Whiteboard survey

Promethean drop their price (but is it enough?)

Following from my last article about Interactive Whiteboards, it appears that things have changed a little. Promethean have felt the heat and have restructured their pricing. It no longer costs over €6,000 to buy their IWB solution. According to Louise Moore from Promethean on the CESI Discussion List, you can buy a range of their solutions from €800 to €4995. But what do you get for your money?

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