A school that saved thousands

I’m a member of a mailing list for principals and the topic of Interactive Whiteboards and value for money came up for discussion. One of the most heartening things for me was the amount of interest and knowledge that other principals had. One such principal gave some fantastic advice which would save a school thousands in costs. This principal works in Blanchardstown in Dublin and has installed 11 IWBs. He has given me permission to display his post, which I thank him for.

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How to get an Interactive Whiteboard for less than €2,500

An interactive whiteboard can cost you and your school a lot of money.  The most expensive one I can find costs nearly €6,000.  The marketing people say it’s the cream of the crop – adjustable height, short-throw projector, excellent after-sales service, free training, etc. etc.  However, when you can buy an Interactive Whiteboard for less than €2,500 that does everything anyone would want an Interactive Whiteboard to do, is the extra €3,500 worth it?  I don’t think so.  And…furthermore, is the sub €2,500  Interactive Whiteboard any worse than the €6,000? In a word, no.  So, here’s what you need for an excellent Interactive Whiteboard.

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Two eBeam courses

eBeam is getting a showing in Wexford (Enniscorthy to be exact) with two courses being offered this autumn.  Check out the Wexford Education Centre for more details. This post is sponsored by SmartBoard… click for more information.

Promethean drop their price (but is it enough?)

Following from my last article about Interactive Whiteboards, it appears that things have changed a little. Promethean have felt the heat and have restructured their pricing. It no longer costs over €6,000 to buy their IWB solution. According to Louise Moore from Promethean on the CESI Discussion List, you can buy a range of their solutions from €800 to €4995. But what do you get for your money?

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