New common file format for IWBs

From Teachnet Blog ( The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) have announced that all major interactive whiteboard vendors have agreed to make their educational content available in the UK in a common file format (CFF), a move that will make IWB content much more accessible by allowing teachers to share content and resources … Read more New common file format for IWBs

Interactive Whiteboard Irish Review March 2010

There are now 24 different interactive whiteboards available in Ireland being sold by lots of different companies.  It’s getting quite saturated out there.  Last time I did the review, I was pondering on the implications of Promethean’s new distributors Westcoast.  Prim-Ed were beginning to focus on two boards – the Genee Board and the Hitachi … Read more Interactive Whiteboard Irish Review March 2010

Promethean Planet increases its Irish membership

Promethean Planet’s membership in Ireland surged by more than 150% to nearly 5,500 members according to a press release I was sent today.  This means that Ireland has the fifth largest membership base in the world for Promethean Planet, only trailing the much larger populations of the US, UK, Australia and France. Promethean Planet has … Read more Promethean Planet increases its Irish membership

Teachnet Podcast – Interactive Whiteboards

This week I was invited by Teachnet to record a podcast for their series on the topic of Interactive Whiteboards.  I have previously spoken about IWBs in my school on an earlier poscast with two other teachers but this time it was just me speaking about my own experiences and my own recommendations on IWBs.

In the podcast, I was asked about the different boards I have in my school, how teachers use them and the advantages and disadvantages of IWBs.  I was also asked about how I choose an IWB when buying and then I gave my top three recommendations.

One board, I completely forgot about was the Hitachi Starboard, which is another IWB I love, so my apologies for leaving it out!  There’s a new board on the scene, which I haven’t seen called the IQboard which also looks interesting so that may be one of my top tips at a future time.

Thanks to Pat and Michael for having me on their show for my third appearance.  If anyone wants to hear the 17 minutes or so of my chat with Michael, either head over to or you can listen to the poscast here.

Feedback from NCTE Training of Primary Principals

Today I attended a seminar for primary school principals, which was given by the National Council for Technology in Education, (NCTE), in Kilkenny.  I was very interested in this seminar as I believed that I would be hearing all about the €150m grant that was recently announced.  Although this was indeed the case, the NCTE … Read more Feedback from NCTE Training of Primary Principals

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