How can iPads can be used efficiently in the primary classroom?

iPads, to me, are brilliant devices for multimedia in the classroom. While I know a lot of teachers use them for “office” work, I never really felt comfortable typing on glass. As Stephen Fry put it, it’s like typing with frostbite on your fingertips. The question here, though, is about efficiency, and if I’m understanding … Read more

What is IGTV?

Social Media is ever evolving and the latest potential big thing is IGTV (Instagram Television) where you can now upload videos up to 10 minutes long on your own Instagram TV channel. It’s only been out a day or two so there’s probably going to be a few changes as time goes on but the … Read more

Chromebook Questions

Here are some questions I was asked by a teacher who is looking into buying Chromebooks. I am no expert but learning loads about them at the moment so will update this article as I learn more. Are Chromebooks easy to administer? ( I worked in IT for about 10 years, and have pretty ok … Read more

Which iPad should I get?

There are a number of different types of iPads now available on the market in different sizes, different storage and even different ages! You might be offered an iPad Air with 16GB of space for the same price as an iPad 3 with 32 GB space. Every few months a new iPad comes out so … Read more

How can I use tablets in a room with no WiFi?

Often Irish primary schools will extend or build on prefabricated buildings to their permanent structure and often they will not have a WiFi infrastructure. This article assumes that WiFi is available in other parts of the school. There are 2 possibilities here. The first is that the new room has a wired network point. This … Read more

What apps should I get for my iPad?

This is probably one of the most popular questions I am asked on and I don’t really like answering it because my answer doesn’t make me very popular! I also don’t own an iPad anymore and haven’t done so since I bought the first one all those years ago. I have found that most … Read more

What Apps should I download for my Android Tablet?

There are a number of Irish websites out there that recommend Apps for tablets but they generally all tend to be for iPads, which isn’t much good if you have just bought a class set of Android tablets. That isn’t to say that you’ve made a mistake buying Android over iPads. In fact, for most … Read more

Our school sends texts parents but we cannot reply. Why is this?

This question was asked, presumably, by a parent, who said she was getting texts almost daily from the principal about fundraising. Given that it costs about 5c per text to be sent, if the school has 100 pupils that’s €5 spent by the school each time so, hopefully, for their sake, they are getting more … Read more

Has any country used Smartphones in primary schools?

In a word, the answer to this question is yes. Smartphones are becoming a highly relevant and useful tool for the primary classroom. With more and more young people owning Smartphones, the concept of BYOD (Bring your own device) is gaining popularity everywhere, including Ireland. Some would argue that schools should be providing children with … Read more

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