Will I buy Refurbished iPads or new iPads?

I’m a big fan of refurbished computer equipment. Not only are the computers good enough for my needs, they also are much cheaper than the full-price models. The only consideration, really, is that often the after sales support might be better with an new computer. However, is this the case with iPads? Right now, one can buy … Read more

Assistive Technology: What is a tablet/PC?

We received an interesting question from a principal who had a recommendation from a psychologist for assistive technology. As many principals know, psychological assessments tend to be quite samey and one would be forgiven in thinking there was a template that was published and names were interchanged. One area where this seems to be the case … Read more


Technology moves quickly. It only seems like yesterday, everyone wanted an Interactive Whiteboard. Next there were slates, wireless mice, visualisers, netbooks and, most recently, tablets. The iPad, Android tablets and Microsoft Surface haven’t had the same impact as Interactive Whiteboards but they seem to be more and more common in primary schools. However, just as we … Read more

Mobile Devices in the Primary Classroom

Mobile devices have been around classrooms for a couple of years now but have largely been living under the shadow of their bigger brothers, namely the tablet computers. This is a real shame because one can do almost everything on a mobile device that one can do on a tablet computer and mobile devices are a … Read more

10 things all tablets have in common

There are 3 main companies vying for the crown of “best tablet” for primary schools. iPads took an early lead a couple of years ago but the emergence of Android and Microsoft tablets have made the world of tablet computing in schools a much trickier place than ever before. Before tablet technology, most computers in … Read more

Is there a role for the Kindle in the Classroom?

Following a brief discussion on improving literacy in the classroom on the weekly #edchatie Tweet meet, the topic of Kindles came up. The Kindle is an electronic eBook reader made by Amazon.  Though it is not the only eBook reader on the market, it is by far the most popular.  The reason for this is … Read more

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