What is IGTV?

Social Media is ever evolving and the latest potential big thing is IGTV (Instagram Television) where you can now upload videos up to 10 minutes long on your own Instagram TV channel. It’s only been out a day or two so there’s probably going to be a few changes as time goes on but the … Read more

Fís: What can be done

Sometimes you have to let something do the speaking for itself as to why primary school teaching is one of the most fantastic jobs in the world. Fís is a film making awards ceremony for primary schools and every year one can only be blown away by what children can create. Here is one such … Read more

Film in schools – the red carpet comes out

It’s over! Our 5 month film making project is completed. We submitted our film online to the euro creator website and now, we wait! The last month of school involved editing, editing and more editing! Some interesting things we noted were the use of lighting and how important it is for continuity. While, we were … Read more

Fis-filming ends and imovie takes over!

Well, it’s over! The filming, that is and now to the really hard and finicky bit: the editing! We have been filming for about a month, we went way over schedule due to a very tricky dance scene, relocation, over zealous students and the general day to day that is school life! The Editing team … Read more

Filming begins…with a lot of reshooting!

The filming begins! We have completed week one of filming.  Our week has been made up of filming on location at our own school and the local gaelscoil, where we are borrowing their classroom. Our film has a dance scene (don’t ask!) and we needed a non carpeted floor, our own school didn’t have this … Read more

Fis: the auditions!

Last week, we started our auditions. The executive directors (Mrs Cole and I) sat down with the producer( 6th class student) and had a chat about what we wanted. Our film is based in our school and has a dance theme, no, it’s not fame or anything! We won’t reveal too much now but we … Read more

Fis: Writing the screenplay

It has been a long time since I last blogged about Fis. It has taken so long to get back to any form of normality but after Easter, Fis came back to our school! We lost the camera, microphone and tripod in the fire so it has taken a long time sourcing those items. We … Read more

Fis week 2 Story Boarding

The first lesson of the week was given by Mrs Cole, she introduced the idea of Storyboarding to the class and they took to the idea very quickly. First, she showed them the example of “The Boy from Mercury” explaining how a storyboarder will add captions to the picture so that the Director knows what … Read more

Fis Filmmaking Week 1

Fis is under way! Lesson 5 was completed and the reaction so far from the children has been positive. Our school website already had one of the pupils blogging about it, can I quote ” This last month in the school has  been the best for 5th and 6th, there has been loads on..Fis is a … Read more

Fis film making in the classroom

I am starting my first Fis lesson on Monday with a group of 5th and 6th Class. Fis is basically an integrated curriculum bringing film-making into the classroom. I refer to “us” or “We” along that way as I am jointly taking on this project with one of the teachers in my school! She was … Read more

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