Download The Fridge version 0.2

Thank you for all the suggestions after my first version of The Fridge. I have now updated the Fridge program. Below I have added many of the suggested improvements. The people who have commented so far will receive a free copy of the program when it is completed. They also receive credits which they can trade in when the shop opens. The Fridge relies on your ideas to improve – I would not have thought of most of the improvements below. Download The Fridge version 0.2 here.

  • Fridge Magnets are now in colour and look like fridge magnets
  • There is a choice of 5 different colour schemes for magnets
  • The fridge has a larger area for making sentences
  • There is a choice of colours for the fridge
  • User can select different colours of fridges
  • User can create and save own list of words
  • There is a pull-down drop area which further enhances the size of the sentence-making area
  • A choice of 3 grids for compartmentalising words
  • Nicer user interface with menus
  • User can select a photograph of themselves which appears on their fridge

0 thoughts on “Download The Fridge version 0.2”

  1. Simon, I used The Fridge with teachers on an ICT course today. We were trying it out with a Mimio IWB. Everyone really liked it and particularly its ease of use. The option of creating your own word lists is very helpful. Some comments from the teachers were: Could the actual words be a little larger? Teachers felt that they may be a little too small for younger children. We also thought that the words coloured blue were quite indistinct on the white board. We had a problem dragging the full stop across using the Mimio pen. Could this be that the calibration on the full stop is quite exact and that the Mimio pen is not that pointed? We were able to drag the full stop across using the computer mouse. Would it be possible that a version down the road would enable the created sentence to be spoken? Overall the software received very positive comments and teachers felt that they would definitely use it in the classroom.

  2. it would be great to be able to change the sixe of the magnets, my infants found it hard to read the blue magnets:( apart from those 2 points they loved this game.
    could you also create a function with only letters….it would be great for blending words in my phonics lessons.

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