Flashcards of Months in English and Gaeilge

Flashcards of the Months of the Year These flashcards save you the bother of making your own month flashcards. They are available in both English and Gaeilge and can be downloaded for free. There are four months on each A4 sheet so they are even big enough to put up on the wall. Download Flashcards … Read more

Welcome Door Signs in English and Gaeilge

Welcome Door Signs in English and Gaeilge Would you like welcome signs for your whole school? These four files offer you different options for your doors. You can either have signs in English or Gaeilge. You can also choose to have door labels as letters or numbers. Each sign has an individual piece of clipart. … Read more

Days of the Week as Gaeilge

Days of the Week as Gaeilge To save you the bother of printing up flashcards of the days of the week in Irish, Anseo.net has done it for you. Feel free to print these colourful flashcards and pop them on your wall or even on a pre-made calendar. Also available in English. Free Download | … Read more

Colours Posters

Colours Posters Are you teaching your class about colours in Gaeilge? These 13 posters are bright and colourful and offer any of the colours they’ll need to learn. Colours include: black, blue, brown, green, gold, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white and yellow. Each picture features a face with a different colour and different … Read more

Table Colours as Gaeilge

Posters for Tables / Groups Do you give names to the various table groups in your classroom? This set of posters are a colourful way of labeling your groups and using a little Gaeilge. There are nine colours available to print off so you shouldn’t be short no matter how crowded your classroom is! Also … Read more

Fruit Flashcards

Fruity Flashcards This set of flashcards contain brightly coloured pictures of nine common fruits.  Each flashcard is labelled in Gaeilge and these can be used to introduce or reinforce vocabulary. Free Download

App: Gaeilge: Éadaí

The online poll is showing that it is most definitely Gaeilge resources that are needed most in ICT in Ireland. So, I decided to make a little online activity based on the strand of Éadaí – a drag and drop dress up Ted type of game. When you move your mouse over Teidí, a label … Read more

Gaeilge Wordsearch on Cluichí

I decided that I’d computerise the wordsearch sent in by Marion College this evening. If you follow this link to the wordsearch on Cluichí, you can try it out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it work with fadas so if anyone knows of some way of fixing that, I’d be delighted.

What Gaeilge Software is available?

Our online poll reached 25 votes today.  There is a clear indication so far that there is not enough software for Gaeilge in Irish Primary Schools.  The first piece of Gaeilge language software will be available shortly.

Read more

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