App: Gaeilge: Éadaí

The online poll is showing that it is most definitely Gaeilge resources that are needed most in ICT in Ireland. So, I decided to make a little online activity based on the strand of Éadaí – a drag and drop dress up Ted type of game. When you move your mouse over Teidí, a label pops up showing what it is. You can then drag and drop the clothes onto the teidí. Please add comments on how this program can be improved. I’ve already thought about extra clothes, different characters and changing the colours of clothes. I will only improve this program if there’s demand – so please comment!
Now available for download by clicking on here.  Bad news – this file was gobbled up by our hosts when we moved away… I’ll try and get the original files over thenext few months.  Probably summer time due to hecticness.

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