Free Software: Torthaí

As part of Blog Action Day, we decided to resurrect an article relating to food and education. developed a piece of software to help children learn about fruit in Irish.  I hope this counts! This resource aims to help children learn Irish vocabulary using a series of games and activities.  To get your copy, simply download … Read more

Anseo Apps: Aimsir (Weather)

NOTE: This program is not working at the moment. I’m working on a fix and hopefully it should be back soon.’s next free offering is “Aimsir” where students can learn about the different types of weather.  It’s an Interactive Whiteboard game to teach Gaeilge vocabulary relating to the weather.  As with our other apps, it … Read more

Bhí Ocras Orm introduces its first fully-featured piece of software for 2008-09.  Bhí Ocras Orm is an interactive Gaeilge resource. It is first and foremost a computerised book which tells the story of a boy who keeps eating until he get a “pian in a bholg”.  There are 6 interactive games to support the book all of which … Read more

Gaeilge Wordsearch on Cluichí

I decided that I’d computerise the wordsearch sent in by Marion College this evening. If you follow this link to the wordsearch on Cluichí, you can try it out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it work with fadas so if anyone knows of some way of fixing that, I’d be delighted.

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