Guest Post: Not Every Cloud…

This guest post has been written by Simon Sharkey from the company Bryan S. Ryan, a specialist in print and business technology. The company recently exhibited at the IPPN conference and spoke with us about cloud technology. This is their take on cloud computing from a business perspective. It certainly makes interesting reading and is … Read more Guest Post: Not Every Cloud…

Purple Mash

In Ireland, we use a lot of technology resources from other countries. Our market is tiny with only around 3,500 schools so a company selling a product for €100 is hardly going to make a profit after paying costs if they don’t sell to hundreds of schools.  We’re lucky that the Irish primary curriculum has … Read more Purple Mash

ICS Skills Conference 2010

I was invited to speak at the Irish Computer Society’s annual conference in April.  I was introduced as someone who would give an insight and examples into the virtual staff notice board and how I  have made life a little easier for teachers using free web applications.  I hope I managed to do that.  My talk was based on my article, “Heads in the Cloud”, and I spoke about how my school utilises Google Apps for our complete communication system.  For those of you who want to listen to the talk, below is a podcast.  It does rely a little bit on a couple of images in places, but you should get a good picture of what I do, without seeing the slides.

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