Our Twitter Experiment according to 6th Class

The following article was written by 2 sixth class pupils in St. Martin de Porres NS in Dublin. Their teacher is Anne McMorrough, a well known primary school teacher in ICT circles. I’m delighted that the children got so much out of Twitter and I look forward to trying it out again! Over to you guys…

Last week we learned how to use Twitter and we were tweeting with about 21 other schools in Ireland. Twitter is like blogging, only much more posts can be put up during a day, so it’s called micro-blogging – get it?!

Once you have a Twitter a/c, you can follow us @smdp_ns (this stands for St Martin de Porres National School) and see the project at #twexp1 which was organised by @simonmlewis. He is a principal in Co Carlow and he has a website called www.anseo.net and here’s his post about this project: http://anseo.net/?cat=147.

Our teacher, Ms Mc Morrough taught us how to tweet, delete, reply (using @ sign) and we had a lot of fun with it. It’s fun, safe and easy to use when you get used to it, but we learned about how important it is to use it responsibly, like not use bad language and spelling and to know that you can follow people and people can follow you. But when people follow you, anything you say will go up on their page!

For this project, we mainly started with Geography. We had to remember to use the hash tag and the code #twexp1, so all the entries could be grouped together and we could see only the schools in the project. We introduced ourselves and we told the other schools who were following us where our school is, a little bit of background on the area, famous people who come from our area etc. It was great when other schools replied and we gathered lots of information. The other schools were from all over Ireland and we had great fun tweeting them!

We’ve had a lot of fun and we hope we get more chances to use Twitter like this in the future.

By Callie and Nadja (6th Class, Ms McMorrough)

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