Is the WSE report on the Muslim school a little bit racist?

There’s been a lot of furore in the media regarding the latest WSE report published this week, based on the North Dublin Muslim NS in Cabra. The report is damning to say the least. Apparently, the school is not accounting for monies spent and certain subjects are not being taught. In fact, if this were a school on the UK, OFSTED would have closed it down.
But, having worked in some schools and knowing friends and colleagues who have also gone through WSE evaluations, there are many many schools that have failed to teach the full curriculum effectively, or worse, failed to produce child protection policies, without a whimper from the press.
It is common practice that schools prepare for WSEs and hold a “pantomime” for the inspectors. Teachers who haven’t written a scrap of planning notes buy the Folen’s teacher planning book to fill in and suddenly everyone teaches drama for half an hour per week. The inspectors come and watch the performance and those who weren’t good actors get a few recommendations from a box ticking powerless Department pen pusher.
However, this time, these inspectors decided to do their job properly. Coincidently, it happened to be in a minority religion school. John Walsh, a leading writer on school evaluations, even mentioned that this report was much more heavy handed than one would usually expect.
Now I have never worked on this particular school and I am aware that almost every year the school looks for a new staff. I’m sure there are huge problems in the school and I’m sure the school haven’t been properly supported by the DES. However, if this school had a more “mainstream” patron, would there have been such a furore? Sin an ceist Anseo.

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  1. North Dublin Muslim school child protection policies are the same as in 2009 they getting worse as the years go by bullying is out of control the school covers up this fact some teachers bully kids emotionally they’ve no respect for parents

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