Teaching Council Election Results

Because the Teaching Council elections were done online, results were out very quickly. There were roughly 7,500 teachers who voted in the primary school sector, roughly 25% turnout, which is a lot better than the last election but still worryingly low. However, from Anseo.net’s perspective, it was good to see both Séamus O’Connor and Gregor Kerr elected. … Read more

An Alternative to Droichead

Following my blog post on Droichead last week, I thought I might expand on my thoughts regarding an alternative solution to teacher probation. I want to first reiterate that I do believe the Teaching Council are correct in changing from the current model of inspectorate to a more internal mechanism and I have been involved in the … Read more

Droichead: A bridge too far

Droichead is a new model of induction and probation for newly qualified teachers, which has been introduced by the Teaching Council, and is currently in a pilot phase. The model will replace the current probation process where Department of Education inspectors evaluate all newly qualified teachers and deem them satisfactory or not to be a … Read more

Fitness to teach is all about motivating teachers to love their job-Part 2

Self-actualisation and flow In my first post on performance-related pay, I spoke about the process of performance related pay and how motivation is connected strongly with a high performance for teachers. This is the last post on the topic and will concern the whole area of motivation and achieving goals through pure enjoyment. Flow You … Read more

Everything I know about Féilte

Féilte is a festival organised by the Teaching Council for World Teachers’ Day on 5th October. Here is everything I know about it today, 6 days before the event. FÉILTE is an acronym standing for the Festival of Education in Learning and Teaching Excellence. It’s being held in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in Dublin. Fintan … Read more

What did the Teaching Council ever do for us?

One of the questions that is often asked amongst teachers is what do the Teaching Council actually do? What exactly does our €90 (now €65) go towards? The Teaching Council has been spending much of the year talking to teachers about different initiatives such as CEPP and the new Professional Competence Document for Teachers. Today they released a … Read more

Do we need Teaching Council 2.0?

It hasn’t been the best couple of months for the Teaching Council. Established six years ago “to promote teaching as a profession” and to “regulate standards” in teaching, the general perception amongst the teaching profession is that it hasn’t really achieved its aims. With the latest fiasco of errors in the latest election ballot forms, … Read more

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