Fitness to teach is all about motivating teachers to love their job-Part 2

Self-actualisation and flow In my first post on performance-related pay, I spoke about the process of performance related pay and how motivation is connected strongly with a high performance for teachers. This is the last post on the topic and will concern the whole area of motivation and achieving goals through pure enjoyment. Flow You … Read more

Cake Bake Sale

Hello all and let’s get ready for another jam packed week of fun and frolics in my classroom!
After I qualified and returned from Wales, I accepted a position in a large, large school in Athy. This school had over 600 students and with this came huge expenses. The parents’ committee, the Principal and the staff were constantly needing to bring money in. The school building was costly to run. One of the events that I remembered fondly was the Annual 5th Class Cake Bake Sale.

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