Android Tablets and G Suite

Many schools use Chromebooks along with G Suite for Education to manage all the applications they need. It’s really handy as you can switch on and off different apps for different types of users, known as Organisational Units. In my school, for example, we have Organisational Units for Staff and Pupils. These are further broken … Read more

Is Google Photos for hosting school photos GDPR compliant?

Anything that Google makes needs to be GDPR compliant for the same reason that McDonald’s has to make sure that their food is correctly labelled with calorie contents – they are the leaders in their fields and there are millions of people wanting to bring them down! To put it mildly, if Google’s services are … Read more

G Suite vs Aladdin

What is the difference between G Suite and Aladdin; and what are the pros and cons of both? Before I start to answer this question, it might be helpful to explain that both these services, while they have some overlap, are two very different products. Interestingly, Aladdin is actually built on Google’s (G Suite) servers … Read more

Cost of setting up an email address for each member of staff

A school can create a free email address for members of staff if they wish by using any free email service but in order to have something that can be managed, a very small investment is probably needed. Interestingly, the investment is for a domain name rather than for email addresses per se. In my … Read more

Chromebook Questions

Here are some questions I was asked by a teacher who is looking into buying Chromebooks. I am no expert but learning loads about them at the moment so will update this article as I learn more. Are Chromebooks easy to administer? ( I worked in IT for about 10 years, and have pretty ok … Read more

Is Google Drive ok to store documents?

I would say absolutely, yes, to this question. Given that Google don’t look like they are going anywhere, and their entire business relies on being very secure, it would seem to me that Google Drive may very well be one of the very safest places to store any documents. Google is also going to do … Read more

Can parents subscribe to updates on new Google Sites?

Our school want to start using new google sites for each class as class blogs. Is there a way that parents can subscribe to updates on these sites and get an email notification when the site is updated?  The new Google Sites is a big improvement on its predecessor and many schools could be tempted … Read more

How free is G Suite (Google Apps)?

A teacher in a school was asking me whether she should consider moving from Microsoft Office to G Suite for Education in order to save money. The purpose of this article is not to judge the merits of either suite of applications, as this is very much subjective. However, it interested me because, at first, … Read more

Which would you use G Suite or Aladdin?

(This question has been sent in by an reader.) This is a hard question to answer because G Suite and Aladdin are as different as lemons and oranges. However, like lemons and oranges share many traits, Aladdin and G Suite also have a number of things in common. G Suite for Education made by … Read more

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