How do I set up multiple E-mail accounts in G Suite?

A school got in contact with me who have a website made with Weebly but they want to give each student an email address using G Suite. Presumably, the website has a domain address; so let’s call this school “Scoil Simon” and their website is The school needs to set themselves up using G … Read more

How do you set up an email like [email protected]?

While it’s very easy to set up an email address using a service like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, creating an email address with your school’s website (such as [email protected]) takes a few extra steps. Thankfully it isn’t too difficult. In this article, I’m going to outline the steps. I’m also going to use Gmail as … Read more

Refurbished Laptop

It was famously said in 2008 that technology in schools has been funded by Tesco tokens and cake sales. When schools invest in technology, they are often using money that has been fundraised rather than from the Irish government. The only source of funding from the government for ICT comes in the form of one-off … Read more

How to set up Google Apps for Education

Google claims that it isn’t very difficult to get set up on Google Apps for Education. However, it is a little trickier than they say. This article tries to translate Google’s own help page into an Irish primary school context, which I hope is useful to Irish schools. If you want to find out more … Read more

Useful Tools in Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education is probably one of the most important set of tools any primary school should have. It combines almost all of Google’s tools together into one package and if a school has a domain (e.g. all the staff in the school can take advantage of having a work email such as … Read more

Google Classroom

Google have decided to further embed themselves into the world of education with a new product called Classroom. I was given my preview account today to play around with and see what I can do with it and my first impressions are below. The main thing that I noticed is that it looks like a hybrid between … Read more

Google NGram Viewer

Google’s nGram Viewer allows you to find out how many times a certain word (or words) appears in books over the years. The video above shows a good example of this in action but the best way is to try it for yourself.

Google Drive for Education

Last week Google decided to turn Google Docs into Google Drive but was is merely a name change and if not, what are the implications for education? To be honest, not much has changed, yet.  Google Drive now allows users to not only write, share and store documents, spreadsheets and presentations, it allows one to … Read more

Image Searching in Google

Spurred on by my new found love for the word slam, I have created the first video in a series I’m calling “Silent Slam.” The plan is to make a series of very short videos that can be watched without sound. This is partially because I plan to make them at night so can’t wake … Read more

Google Apps: Sharing Maths Across Schools

Mental Maths is one of the key challenges facing teachers today.  If I were to ask you to tell me what 1287 dived by 29 was, most adults would wish they had a pen and paper in front of them (or a calculator!)  What doesn’t come into our heads first is trying to mentally calculate … Read more

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