Three schools linking together to pool resources

I stumbled upon a web site called, and was immediately impressed.  When I asked about it on Twitter, one of my Twitter buddies revealed she worked in one of the schools involved.  She asked her colleague to write a short piece about the web site and here it is.
‘’ is an educational activity site for teachers and students.  The site contains the best and most up to date educational interactive websites used today.  With links to all the subjects of the primary school curriculum and sorted into relevant class groups the website is tailored for the needs of primary school students and teachers alike.  Navigation of the site is moderated for students’ needs providing a safe gateway to the most popular educational content on the net.
The students’ section contains activities for all of the curriculum subjects and is divided into the different class groups to aid ease of access.  Links are supported by images and a brief description of their content making navigation simple for students of all ages
The site also contains an extremely useful ‘teachers resources’ section.  Here links have been handpicked and are sorted by subject and class group.  The section contains IWB resources, clip art, images, lesson plans and ideas, special needs resources and information, as well as activities for teachers and students in all strands and strand units.
‘Shankids .com’ is another project delivered by the team approach taken by the staff of ‘Scoil Naomh Anna’,’ Rathmicheal’ and ‘Scoil Mhuire’, in the Shankill parish under the guidance of principals ‘Jim Halligan’, ‘Patricia Slavin’ and ‘Caroline Senior’ respectively.  Maintaining their continued dedication to developing the highest standards of education for their students the 3 schools have engaged on numerous projects aimed at positively developing their children’s educational experience.
Following the successful launch of the site popularity has grown at a rapid rate.  Students’ and teachers’ feedback is extremely positive and has helped to stream the next phase of material which is set to be added and updated on a weekly basis.
The website is designed by ‘Jim Halligan’ ‘Patricia Slavin’,’ Caroline Senior ‘and ‘John Montayne’ of ‘Montimedia’.  It is regularly updated by teachers from each of the 3 schools, pooling together the best educational ideas and content available today.

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