Video-conferencing on an iPad

Tom Whitby tweeted recently about ways to video-conference on an iPad. The link above goes to the web site Apps in Education, a blog that lists iPad apps by subject. Obviously video-conferencing on an iPad requires one with a front-facing camera so iPad 1 users like myself won’t be able to take advantage. The great thing about this list is that most of the apps are completely free.

Christmas Carol Video Conference

After a couple of months of trying, I finally found a school willing to try out videoconferencing with me.  Using Online Meeting Rooms, a brilliant online package from, my school, Carlow Educate Together hooked up with the Athy Model School, 20km down the road for a Christmas Carol sing-off. Each school sang two Christmas … Read more

Video over IP in the Classroom

Today I had a meeting but we weren’t in the same room when we met. This shouldn’t sound like a strange sentence in this day and age. Video conferencing has been around for a good few years now. I remember while working as a teacher in 2002 in Tallaght being part of a video-conference over … Read more

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