Two Line Tuesday

The NCCA have just come out with plans to create a brand spanking new curriculum for ethical education, which they want all schools to teach no matter what their patronage. Did no one tell them Educate Together have been running one that’s pretty much exactly the same for almost 20 years?

New NCCA Reports

The NCCA launched their new report templates last week providing schools with a nice new web site,, which allows schools to generate their own personalised report cards based on the new rules and regulations from the government. The web site gives schools the option of having various combinations of narrative-style and tick-the-box style templates and … Read more New NCCA Reports

NCCA Planning Tool

The NCCA have published an online planning tool for primary school teachers. At first glance, it looks like a fantastic way of planning lessons, etc. This is a fantastic step in the right direction by the NCCA of helping teachers to use technology to support their own planning. You can find the NCCA Planning Tool … Read more NCCA Planning Tool

20 Examplars of ICT practice from the NCCA

Kathryn Crowley from the NCCA alerted me (and the hundreds of teachers subscrided to DICTAT) that there are now 20 primary school exemplars provided by teachers from Digital Schools across the country uploaded to the ACTION website.  Their subject/content include interactive phonics, counties of Ireland, control technology, people in the community, field trips, etc. I … Read more 20 Examplars of ICT practice from the NCCA

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