Review:Puppets at Large book from Positive Press

So, it’s all about puppets!
Well, this new book puppets at large by Linda Betley and endorsed by Jenny Mosley tells us that we can teach any subject through the medium of puppets.
This particular book is aimed at the early years, so infants up to 1st class though there is a book aimed at the senior level as well.
This book is easy to use and to read. The first section tells you exactly how to setup a puppet friendly classroom, it uses colourful, glossy photographs of the puppets to show you. You can use any puppets you like but if you buy the Jenny Mosley ones then you won’t have to go to the bother of photographing each one. It really gets into the detail, with one chapter explaining how puppets and animation/photography works. It gives a list of emotions and how you can make the puppet exhibit these in photos or in a class lesson. Another useful feature of this book is that is details how puppets can bring each individual subject to life.
Finally, the majority of this book is a resource book, divided into themes-exploring feelings, likes and dislikes, making friends, happy times, fears and tears, making choices and out and about. Any teacher that knows their SPHE curriculum can see how using puppets can fit their circle time and SPHE lessons in easily!
Each theme then is made up of am attractive colourful photograph of the puppet, which a teacher could copy and laminate or reenact themselves with their own puppets. Beside this photo is a suggested lesson plan, themes,questions to ask and extension ideas. Other  extras include a list of the props you will need to buy for your infant classroom a selection of photocopiables.
I was impressed by this book, especially as it could easily cover your Circle time lessons for the entire year.
If you like this book and you want to carry on working with your puppetry skills, then Learning through Puppets also has other books in this theme-Puppets at Large is aimed at more senior children and The art of storytelling contain scripts for puppet classes.
This book is available from and costs about €27.30 (converted by

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